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Our Reservoirs Show A 1% Increase

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Rainfall has not, so far, been very favorable to our reservoirs. The average rate has only increased by 1% and now stands at 31.9%. Yesterday, the island’s largest reservoir, Mare-aux-Vacoas, was only 39.9% full, which is a slight improvement. La Nicolière was at 43.9% of its capacity and Piton du Milieu at 40.8%. Mare Longue remains the fullest with a 55.9% posting rate. However, the Midlands and Bagatelle dams are still below 30% with a fill rate of 23.1% and 27.8% respectively. Finally, The Farm is still problematic with only 17.2% of capacity.

Rainfall in Mauritius

Cheneso has landed in Madagascar

Cheneso landed in late morning in the province of SAVA at the stage of a strong tropical storm between the cities of Antalaha and Sambava.

A very bad weather will continue during the night over the north of the island and all the eastern side, including the relief, with intense rains that can cause flash floods, strong winds and dangerous sea conditions.

The heavy rains are expected to continue throughout the second part of the week along the central-eastern coast on the one hand and over the entire northwestern region on the other. The heavy rainfall expected is likely to generate extensive flooding and landslides.

Rainfall in Mauritius

On the periphery of the low-pressure circulation (at a good distance from the center), a wet and locally disturbed weather now concerns the Reunion-Mauritius sector. On the western edge of CHENESO, Mayotte may also be affected by bands of rainstorms today. This disturbed weather will continue during the second part of the week.

A low-pressure system is currently present over the southwestern Indian Ocean.

A suspicious area is also present, and there is a risk of another moderate tropical storm forming over the next 5 days.

Here is a video of the rain at La Nicolière :

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