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One Of Polico Crapo’s Singers Summoned By MCIT

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Ivan R, whose real name is Ivander Jummun, one of the singers of the song ‘Polico Crapo’ was summoned to the Central Barracks on Thursday 23 June.

He was accompanied by his lawyer, Me. Adrien Duval.

The police accuse the singer of having violated the ICT Act because he shared the song on social networks. The police are also blaming him for the lyrics of the song, which have been described as rude, vulgar and degrading.

In addition, the singer recently performed the song at a wedding where there were also children present.

adrien duval
Adrien Duval

The singer was interviewed by the Superintendent of Police, Goorah of the Major Crimes Investigation Team.

At his exit from the Central Barracks, Me Adrien Duval maintains that his client is opposed to the accusations. For him, his client, who is an artist, claims his right to freedom of expression.

The lawyer added that the accusations do not hold water. There is nothing to justify it.

The lawyer added that the song has garnered more than two million views on digital platforms and that Mauritians do not object to the lyrics of this song, especially after the latest events involving police officers and videos.

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