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Octogenarian Gagged And Tied Up In Pointe Aux Sables

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At 89 years old, this resident of Pointe aux Sables lived a real nightmare on the afternoon of Monday, May 22. Two masked individuals, one of them armed with a knife, burst into her home. She was bound with a curtain fabric, her mouth gagged, and her eyes blindfolded with a cloth. Her house was turned upside down. After she freed herself, she found that the two thugs left with two watches, several pieces of jewelry, the sum of Rs 17,000 and 250 euros. The whole worth of Rs 200 000. In the early evening of Monday, May 22, the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the Metropolitan Police of the southern division arrested a resident of this locality. On Monday, May 22, a second suspect was apprehended.

It was around 3 p.m. on Monday, May 22. This octogenarian was alone in her home when she was confronted by two men wearing masks. This resident was stunned, one of them was armed with a knife. These two men bound her hands and feet with a curtain cloth. They then gagged her mouth with a cloth.

During this time, this octogenarian could only think of the worst. After a while, when everything was quiet, she managed to free herself. After taking a deep breath, she called the police, who soon arrived at her home. The victim in a state of shock was taken to the Dr. A.G. Jeetoo Hospital, Port-Louis to be examined with a form 58.

In the evening of Monday May 22, she gave her statement. In detail, she explained how these two men broke into her home and she also gave their descriptions to the police officers at the Pointe aux Sables police station. The men of the CID took over the investigation. This team soon got hold of Nitish Ramdhun, a 32-year-old man living in this area. The latter, who is a drug addict, is on methadone treatment in Beau-Bassin. He was placed in a cell at the Alcatraz detention center in the Central Barracks. This Tuesday, May 23, he was brought before the court of Port-Louis before being returned to detention.

At around 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 23, the second suspect, Josiane Zenave, 36, was arrested. He was incriminated by Nitish Ramdhun, who confessed his participation in the theft. Josiane Zenave also confessed. Two other people who are involved in this theft are being sought.

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