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My Challenger Will Most Probably Be Party Malin, Pravind Jugnauth Said Ironically

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At the beginning of his intervention at the meeting of the government alliance in Vacoas, Pravind Jugnauth said that “Sir Anerood Jugnauth would have been pleased, if he was alive, with the crowd in Vacoas”. He laughed at the fact that the Labour Party, ” born of the workers’ struggle”, did not mobilise its supporters on Monday. He recalled that Navin Ramgoolam’s leadership is being challenged within his own ranks. Pravind Jugnauth did not spare the MMM either. “The MMM, which was also born out of the workers’ struggle, has fallen very low. Today, it is not even worth 10 nominations,” he said. This makes Pravind Jugnauth say that, given the evolution of the situation, he sees that “his main challenger in the next election” will be none other than Party Malin.

L'Alliance Morisien Rally L'Alliance Morisien Rally L'Alliance Morisien Rally

At the government alliance meeting in Vacoas this morning, the three former MMMs spoke before the MSM leader. They were Steven Obeegadoo, Alan Ganoo and Ivan Collendavelloo. The latter denied the allegations that the Muvman Liberater will leave the government. He told members of his party who do not feel comfortable in the governing alliance that Muvman Liberater is there to work for the good of the country. “We are not here to look for our ’boutt’,” he said. Ivan Collendavelloo also confirmed that he, Steven Obeegadoo and Alan Ganoo will work together to provide an option for the activists.

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