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MSM Completes Its Series Of Anniversary Conventions In St Pierre

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The last MSM congress as part of the celebrations to mark its 40th anniversary of existence was held in the Moka/Military Quarter constituency. The convention, which was very well attended, was chaired by Yogida Sawmynaden. Pravind Jugnauth, Leela Devi Dookun-Luchoomun, Yogida Sawmynaden, Joe Lesjongard and Maneesh Gobin, respectively President and Secretary General of the MSM, addressed the gathering.

In an electric atmosphere, addressing a large and receptive crowd who were present to support the government’s actions, the Head of Government did not beat about the bush to thank the various leaders of the MSM’s allies, including Ivan Collendavelloo, leader of the Muvmen Liberater, Alan Ganoo of the Patriotic Movement and Steve Obeegadoo of the Militant Platform for helping the country and the population to face the difficult times that the country and the Mauritians are currently facing. “Despite the risks, I want to grow and I am encouraged to serve the people,” the Prime Minister said. “I draw my strength from God, his soldiers, the people and all the communities of the island to help and serve the country and improve the quality of life of the people,” he added.

MSM in Moka-Military Quarter constituency

Furthermore, Pravind Jugnauth pointed out that many of the MMM and PMSD supporters, among others, have submitted their applications to join the MSM team.

Regarding the Sherry Singh case, the Prime Minister denounced the attitude and statements of the former CEO to the applause of the people in the crowd. The Prime Minister revealed that the authorities have already started working. According to Pravind Jugnauth, “Ena dimoune fini kit pei b… aller”. “Nou pou track zot ziska zot dernier boute,” he warned.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister indicated that he sleeps peacefully because he has a clear conscience. “Some people can’t sleep,” he said. he added. In this context, the Head of Government did not mince words with regard to the drug mafia, which operates in alliance with the PTr, MMM, PMSD, thieves and with some journalists, who write false articles against him to denigrate him.

MSM in Moka-Military Quarter constituency

In another vein, Pravind Jugnauth severely and energetically denounced the attitude of his political opponents, particularly those of the Labour Party and the PMSD, who were not elected in 2019 and lodged an election petition against the elected government officials.

In this regard, the head of government did not mince his words towards the petitioners who, he said, dared to attack the Electoral Commission, the Electoral Commissioner and the president of the Electoral Commission who acted independently. In this regard, he said that the last elections were held in a democratic manner and added that the bodies work independently. “The world recognises that our elections are fully democratic and we are proud of that,” he said.

At the same time, Pravind Jugnauth referred to the electoral petition lodged by former Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam regarding his defeat in constituency No. 10 (Montagne Blanche/ Grande Rivière Sud Est). “Li pé sauvé. I’m going to send back the petition that you set out to listen to.  Li drole li pe sauver,” he argued.

MSM in Moka-Military Quarter constituency

The Prime Minister and Minister of Education, Leela Devi Dookun-Luchoomun has made a strong statement against members of the Opposition. The Deputy Prime Minister believes that the people made the right choice in 2014 and 2019 by returning the MSM to power. Unlike other opposition parties, she said, “the MSM government is working in the interests of children and the public as a whole”. Leela Devi Dookhun-Luchoomun boasts that the current regime has come up with ‘9 year schooling’ that ensures better inclusion of all children in the Republic in the education system.

The Member of Parliament for Constituency No. 8 (Moka / Quartier Militaire), Yogida Sawmynaden, who masterfully chaired the last Sunshine Party convention yesterday in St Pierre, believes that “the MSM is growing day by day”. He continued to talk about the many projects that are being implemented across the island to facilitate and improve the quality of life of Mauritians. He also made it clear that the MSM has great respect for women.

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