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Mrs. Koonwanteea Auchambit Celebrates Her 100th Birthday At Gymkhana

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The new centenarian of the Republic of Mauritius is Koonwanteea Auchambit. On January 22nd, she blew out her 100 candles. To commemorate the event, the Ministry of Social Security hosted a reception in her honor at the Vacoas Gymkhana in the presence of her family, Members of Parliament, Mrs. Subhasnee Luchmun Roy, and Mrs. Marie Joanne Sabrina Tour.

The Ministry of Social Integration, Social Security, and National Solidarity held a formal ceremony to recognize the new centenarian. In addition to a check for Rs 26, 203 from the government, Mrs. Auchambit also received a cookware set, a centenarian medal, a gift from the Senior Citizens Council, and a check for Rs 10,000 from the National Solidarity Fund.

Koonwanteea Auchambit Celebrates Her 100th Birthday

The centenarian, named Abbana, is the sole surviving member of her family and was born the youngest. Her mother was Mauritian, and her father was Indian; together, they had 12 kids.

Mrs. Auchambit has never worked or attended school in her life. She married Mr. Hiralall Auchambit, a hawker of commodities when she was 15 years old. Sadly, her son and two of her daughters are dead. The couple had one son and four daughters from their union. There are 20 great-grandkids and 11 grandchildren in total. At the age of forty, she lost her husband. She had to raise cows at that point to raise her kids.

Koonwanteea Auchambit Celebrates Her 100th Birthday

She likes to eat all kinds of food and watch Indian TV shows, but she really enjoys tea, chocolate, and sharing snacks with her great-grandchildren. She is the oldest woman and very flirtatious.

There are no medical issues with the centenarian. She walks with some difficulties but has excellent hearing and vision. She credits her modesty, positivism, open-mindedness, and concern for others for her long life.

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