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Motion Of No Confidence – PM : This Motion Is Against The MSM Rather Than The Government

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The motion of censure was debated by Kavi Ramano, Leela Devi Dookun Luchoomun, Bobby Hureeram and Ivan Collendavelloo of the ML who in turn protected the interests and positions of the government against the opposition. But the highlight of the proceedings was the closing argument of Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth. He was the long-awaited speaker of this extended session. He did not hold back in pointing out that the motion was aimed primarily at the MSM rather than the government.

PM defends his government armed to the teeth!

He pointed out that the government welcomed this Blame Motion from the Opposition and that he himself had it placed on the parliamentary agenda. “This is an attestation of our firm belief in parliamentary democracy in contrast to the Labour Party in 2014 in collusion with the then Opposition MMM who had parliament shut down for 9 months to concoct a political alliance for their Leaders. Alliances that were then called On & Off. It was the assassination of parliamentary democracy”, he hammered in introduction recalling that it is his government that gave the opportunity to the population to follow the parliamentary debates live, “If in front of their small screen, Mauritians can follow the debates live, it is thanks to this government, led by the MSM” he evoked to support his claims.  He mentioned the impact of the unprecedented situations of Covid 19 and the war in Ukraine on the world and Mauritius on all socio-economic fronts. “The PM made it clear that his detractors are using these global turmoils in their ‘Sinister Agendas’ to sow discord in the country. “In their moves to destabilise the government, they are insisting that people demonstrate in the streets. I know about the exchanges during private meetings”. Pravind Jugnauth thus referred to the presence of members of the assembly and other front liners in the recent riots.

Staggered achievements

He then has led the debate on a host of achievements of the government since 2014 in the public and private sectors, including “the contribution of the government to increase the purchasing power and quality of life of Mauritians, Covid 19 and the war in Ukraine, in line with our political philosophy was to put our people first by protecting their lives, their work and preventing the closure of businesses, while giving special attention to the poorest.  The PM then went on to talk about major achievements such as pension for the elderly and otherwise able from Rs 3623 to Rs 9000, Subsistence Allowance Scheme living below the poverty line, Negative Income Tax, minimum wage at Rs 11,075, wage compensation counted from 2015 to 2022, PRB payment from 2016 and 2021, free transport for old people and students, subsidy on SC and HSC fees, free tertiary education in public institutions, subsidy on purchase of new water tanks, free CWA and WWMA bills below 6 cubic meters and subsidy on commodities like rice and flour… An investment in the population amounting to 112 billion since December 2014. Pravind Jugnauth did not fail to mention the numerous initiatives and programmes towards the needy population but also towards the employees such as the GWAS, the SEAS and the Self-Employed One-Off Grant which cost around Rs 27 billion. The introduction of the Covid Solidarity Fund and loan assistance such as the 1 million SME Covid support scheme at 0.5% interest among others. “All these measures have been well appreciated by the population, especially by the less fortunate and this is what matters most to my government.

No lessons from the Opposition

In sum, the PM has defended those points that are being criticized by all members of the opposition. Pravind Jugnauth is convinced that the opposition leader’s motion will be rejected not only by the House, but by the vast majority of Mauritians. “Let the so-called lecturers and false saviours of their dirty work! The country will judge them again when the time comes.  Maintaining that it is the opposition that has tried to poison the stability of the country, the PM argued that a motion of censure against the opposition is essential. “The people know who are those in power who have ruined the country and put the population in a vulnerable situation and mortgaged the future of the nation… These same individuals, who have brought the country to its knees, now dare to point fingers at us. He appealed to the citizens to show a sense of responsibility and to stay away from demagogues.

He ended his speech by saying that this government has no lessons to receive from the opposition and said “Every time the country has called on the MSM, we have turned things around. The people know this and trust us. That is what matters most to us. The people are not fooled, the real democrats are on this side of the House”.

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