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Mother And Son In Prison For Drug Trafficking

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A raid by police officers from the Trou aux Biches Anti-Drug and Smuggling Unit (Adsu) on Avenue Abercrombie, Sainte-Croix resulted in the apprehension of an 18-year-old welder and his 40-year-old mother on a provisional charge of drug trafficking. This after a large quantity of heroin and synthetic drugs, with an estimated street value of Rs 922,150, was seized from their home. Christiano Yansley Azemoth and his mother Marie Manuella Shirley Azemoth were taken into custody at Beau-Bassin prison after appearing in court in Port-Louis.

Christiano Yansley Azemoth
Christiano Yansley Azemoth

It was based on certain information and after hours of surveillance that the men of Sergeant Hélène of Adsu Trou aux Biches, under the supervision of Assistant Superintendent of Police Rajendranath Jhurry, arrived at the Azemoth family’s home on Avenue Abercrombie, Sainte at around 6.20am on Tuesday morning May 23rd. This family had been in Adsu’s sights since the head of the family, Christian Denis Azemoth, aka Christian Dizef, a 47-year-old contractor, had been arrested on Thursday November 10, 2022. He was found in possession of 97.42 grams of heroin, 24.16 grams of synthetic drugs and the sum of Rs 180,675. The value of the drugs is estimated at Rs 1,582,100.

Marie Manuella Shirley Azemoth
Marie Manuella Shirley Azemoth

Adsu, having received information that his wife Manuella and son Christiano had taken over the business, mounted an operation in the early hours of the morning of May 23.  A total of 51.76 grams of heroin and 29.15 grams of synthetic drugs were seized. A sum of Rs 6,925, suspected to be the proceeds of drug sales, was also seized. A whole range of equipment used to prepare doses of the drug was also seized as evidence.

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