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Minister Maudhoo And Rodrigues Commissioner Perrine Discuss Avenues Of Cooperation In Fisheries Sector

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The Commissioner for Agriculture and Fisheries of the Rodrigues Regional Asssembly, Mr Louis Ange Perrine, paid a courtesy call, today, on the Minister for Blue Economy, Marine Resources, Fisheries and Shipping, Mr Sudheer Maudhoo, in Port Louis. Discussions focused on the different projects that are being implemented in Rodrigues in the fisheries sector as well as new ones which are being envisaged.

Minister Maudhoo highlighted that arrangements are being made for the second replacement of the passenger cum cargo Trochetia ship in Rodrigues. He also underlined that several schemes are being devised to allow Rodrigues to export fruits, lime, and other citrus fruits to Mauritius. He stated that preferential tariffs will be given when seafood is being exported from Rodrigues to Mauritius as well as products made in Mauritius and Rodrigues.

Minister Maudhoo And Rodrigues Commissioner Perrine

Furthermore, the Minister indicated that the Mauritius Oceanography Institute and the African Union have devised an application whereby a fisherman can track, on his mobile phone, the whereabouts of fish in the sea. This smartphone app that will give fishermen dynamic data in real time, he underscored. He announced that by end of July the application will be launched in Rodrigues as well.

As for the Commissioner for Agriculture and Fisheries, Mr Louis Ange Perrine, he gave an overview of the fisheries sector in Rodrigues. He underlined that a Commission for Fisheries has been set up as well as a Training and Marine Academy. He requested the Government of Mauritius to assist Rodrigues in training an officer in prosecution with the ultimate aim of preventing, deterring and eliminating Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated fishing.

Minister Maudhoo And Rodrigues Commissioner Perrine Discuss Avenues Of Cooperation In Fisheries Sector

He also underlined the need for a patrol vessel for Rodrigues to track illegal fishing around the island. Other issues discussed pertained to the development of a curriculum for a training programme for all fishermen, and regulations to preserve the lagoon.

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