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Mika Sohun: A One-Man-Show Is Also Possible

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Michael Sohun known as Mika on social media is passionate about humor. With the Mika Broadcast Channel, he regularly broadcasts humorous videos that attract more and more Internet users. Meeting.

Mika has always had a weakness for humor … and soccer. So much so that he first created the Mika Football News before reaching a wider audience: “In everyday life, I’m a joker. Two years ago, I decided to make more humorous videos. That’s how the Mika Broadcast Channel was born.”

Aided by his sidekicks Gauthier and Ze Felone, Mika humorously portrays life as it unfolds in real life: “I draw a lot of inspiration from everyday life. Once the script is written, I give it to my wife to shoot. My brother-in-law gives me a little help from time to time. Usually the video is ready in 10 minutes.”

A cook, Mika dreams of making a living from his art: “That’s kind of the goal I’ve set for myself. I want to make a living from my talent, especially by doing commercials. But we mustn’t rush into anything. Everything will be done in time. A one-man show is also possible. For that, I would first have to return to Mauritius and find sponsors.

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