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MFA Dissolution: FIFA Threatens Expulsion, Liverpool FC Academy Questioned

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The dissolution of the Mauritius Football Association (MFA) board could expose Mauritius to heavy sanctions from FIFA. The Ministry of Sports in Mauritius has been warned that if it does not reverse its decision to appoint a temporary committee before March 16, 2023, allowing the board to resume control of the MFA, the matter will be referred to the FIFA Council for consideration and decision. FIFA is of the opinion that clubs should be independent of political affairs. This is apparently not the case. The letter from the Director of Member Association Services, Jean-Marie Kenny, dated March 8, 2023, is clear. Mauritius has 8 days to comply with the regulations of the Federation Internationale de Football Association or risk exclusion.

In a letter dated March 8, 2023, FIFA demands that Mauritius complies with international regulations. The league and the clubs depend on the Mauritius Football Association and not on the Ministry of Sports. If in 8 days, the situation continues, the sister island will be excluded from FIFA and the Academy of Liverpool FC may have to close. The Mauritian Academy of Liverpool FC is threatened.

It is a real bombshell that has just sounded in the world of football in Mauritius, with unexpected international resonances.

At the beginning of the month, the Minister explained that the overall management of the sport was now entrusted to a temporary committee. In other words, the MFA is disappearing and Mauritian soccer is indirectly dependent on the executive. This possible interference of political bodies in the management of clubs is clearly pointed out by FIFA.

For the record, in 2019, Mauritius had signed a partnership with the Liverpool FC International Academy for 3 years and Rs 108 million were injected into this project. If FIFA finds violations of the regulations concerning the recruitment of minors, the age of academics, etc., it could request the closure of this structure, wanted by Pravind Jugnauth.

The answer should be known before this Thursday, March 16, 2023.

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