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Mauritius Expo Virtual Platform To Provide International Visibility To Local Manufacturers

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The Mauritius Expo Virtual Platform, developed by the Economic Development Board (EDB) as a 24/7 online exhibition platform to provide international visibility to products manufactured in Mauritius, was launched at the Caudan Arts Centre in Port Louis.

The exhibition platform has been designed for the export-oriented manufacturing enterprises of Mauritius with the objectives, among others, of increasing their global visibility, helping them reach new markets, and enhancing connectivity with international buyers. Registered manufacturing companies, through the platform, are provided a customised digital booth to showcase their products and brands.

The platform offers a range of features such as online conferencing, chat, meeting booking, and live events. Representatives of local enterprises can therefore participate in virtual events, initiate research, and engage in matchmaking opportunities with a database of potential buyers and distributors.

In his speech at the launch event, the Finance Minister recalled that this project was announced in Budget 2021-2022 as a catalyst for the Made in Moris initiative, and had already registered some 150 local production companies. “It is a testimony of Government’s steadfast commitment to foster a dynamic and attractive business environment,” he affirmed. He highlighted too that the local public institutions were leveraging digital transformation to create numerous opportunities for companies and called on local entrepreneurs to make the most of these new technologies.

Launch of Mauritius Expo Virtual Platform

The positive performance of the export-oriented enterprises over the last two years were also put forward by Dr Padayachy. He deemed that statistics indicated that total exportations figures for 2022 had already exceeded those of the COVID-19 pre-pandemic period in 2019. “The last publication from Statistics Mauritius in June 2023 regarding the export-oriented industries seems to confirm this upward trend, with total exports for the year 2023 expected to reach Rs 110 bn, that is 7,8% more than in 2022,” he said.

The Minister talked as well of his vision for the manufacturing sector of the future, stating his belief in a productive, strong, dynamic, agile and resilient industry that would boost economic growth and foster job creation for Mauritians.

The message of the Minister of Industrial Development, SMEs and Cooperatives, Mr Soomilduth Bholah, on the launch of the exhibition platform, was shared by Permanent Secretary Vassoo Allymootoo Putchay. The Minister underlined the need to focus on the new marketing avenues offered by technological innovations since market dynamism was changing with the emergence of e-marketing instruments, social media, lifestyle influencers and bloggers. He was of the view that the Mauritius Expo Virtual Platform represented a major leap forward as it would be a cutting-edge tool for local companies to showcase their services without incurring major marketing expenses.

For his part, the Chairman of the EDB dwelt on the goals and benefits of the Mauritius Expo Virtual Platform.

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