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Mauritius Celebrated Rabindra Jayanti In IGCIC

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On May 20, 2023, Bengali Association in collaboration with The Indira Gandhi Centre for Indian Culture (IGCIC), The High commission of India, Mauritius celebrated Rabindra Jayanti in IGCIC. The event was sponsored by SBI (Mauritius) Ltd., LIC Mauritius, Indian Oil Mauritius Limited and Bank of Baroda, Mauritius.

Acting High Commissioner, His Excellency Mr. Vimarsh Aaryan was the Chief guest for the evening, while Former President, Former Deputy Prime Minister, Hon’ble Minister of Environment, His Excellency US Ambassador to Mauritius and Seychelles and Director IGCIC were some of the other dignitaries present amongst an audience of 400 people.

Rabindra Jayanti celebrates the birth anniversary of the great Bengali poet, scholar, novelist, playwright, humanist, philosopher, and Nobel laureate—Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. This year marks his 162nd birthday and people gathered on May 20 to remember the exceptionally gifted scholar through his songs, dance and poetry.

Rabindra Jayanti In IGCIC

Ms Sadhana Negi, Kathak dance teacher of IGCIC, and her students presented one of the most famous songs ‘Ekla Cholo Re’ written and composed by Tagore.

The main performance for the evening was ‘Riturongo’ Tagore’s creation (Dance compilation on songs of six seasons). The essence of Riturongo is an ode to the six seasons of the Bengali calendar namely, Grishma (summer), Barsha (rainy season), sharat (autumn), Hemanta (late autumn), sheet (winter), and bashanto (spring). The artistic and musical genius of Tagore celebrates the ever-changing moods of these seasons through different poignant and evocative songs.

Rabindra Jayanti In IGCIC

The performers comprised a fine amalgamation of local & Indian artists. Majority of the dancers were local artists who have been trained to perfection in this island itself, to pick up the true essence and beauty of ‘Rabindrasangeet’ (music by Tagore) and ‘Raabindrik nrityo’(dance form of Tagore). The beautiful display of art was conceptualized & choreographed by Smt. Dipa Chaudhuri, former dance teacher of IGCIC. This kind of participation strengthens the bilateral cultural ties between the two countries.

Bengali Association, formed in 2020, is a socio cultural organization created with a vision to offer social services across the island and to promote the cultural richness of Bengal and thereby ultimately bringing about a unique and effortless camaraderie with the people and culture of the paradise island. In the last 2 years, Bengali Association have gone across the entire island to various social centers, schools, social homes and shelters – serving people from the age of 5 to 100 yrs.

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