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Martine Fong: An Album In Preparation

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‘Avek twa’ is the 4th single of Martine Fong. This sega-love, launched on July 8, is the prelude to an album of 10 tracks that is currently in preparation.

Discouraged, Martine Fong, former Miss Weather at the MBC, had put music aside during the last confinement.

It is at the request of her friend Basco that she agreed to return to the studio: “It is impossible to live exclusively from music in Mauritius. It is for this reason that I resigned myself to abandon music. But, Basco, my artist friend, asked me to pull myself together. He introduced me to Lom Jey, and the latter proposed me to interpret Avek twa in solo. I proposed him a duet on this piece.

Martine Fong

And since the release, the fallout is more than positive: “Mauritians really seem to appreciate this track and I am extremely pleased.

With this encouragement, Martine is already working on her first album: “I will propose an album of 10 tracks by the end of 2021 or early 2022. The motivation and energy are there to move forward. Except that for the moment, we lack the financing. We intend to seek the assistance of the Department of Arts and Heritage to realize this beautiful project, “explains the artist.

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