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Literature: Thirty Seashells Soon On The Shelves!

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Thirty Seashells is the latest collection of poetry by Vatsala Radhakeesoon. Published in 2022, this 13th book of the author will soon be available in Mauritius.

This year marks 30 years since Vatsala began writing poetry with her pen. Thirty Seashells is her gift to herself to mark the occasion. “The collection marks my 30th year as a poet. Thirty Seashells is autobiographical. So, through my poems, I tell the story of my journey from my childhood to my present life,” explains Vatsala – a translator by profession.

Published in 2022 by a British publisher, the book will soon be available in Mauritius: “The availability of the book has had its setbacks. It is currently on sale on Amazon and I am in the process of arranging for it to be available in bookstores on the island in the coming weeks. It will be on sale for around Rs 450.”

Note that the author is also working on another collection and a novel.

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