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Laurette Asked For More Time, Parvez Rostom Caused Some Disturbances

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The case concerning the challenge to the release of Bruneau Laurette by the Commissioner of Police was called before the Chief Justice this morning. Mr Neelkanth Dulloo asked for more time for his client, who opposes the approach of Anil Kumar Dip, to file his affidavit. Talking to the press afterwards, the lawyer said that there are many points which are contained in the affidavit of the CP. Therefore, a delay is needed. The case has been postponed to 15 May. It may be recalled that the Commissioner of Police, Anil Kumar Dip, had made two motions. In the first, he called for an extension of the legal deadline for contesting Bruneau Laurette’s release on parole. The second was the challenge itself. But it is the first motion that is being debated.

Parvez Rostom
Parvez Rostom

An incident occurred this morning when Bruneau Laurette was leaving the Supreme Court this morning. The activist was talking to journalists when Parvez Rostom appeared. “You don’t have the right to make statements in the Supreme Court”, he shouted several times. The police officers present had to intervene and remove him from the Supreme Court building. On several occasions, he criticized Bruneau Laurette for having made attacks against the wife of the Prime Minister. In fact, Parvez Rostom was one of two who held a pro-Franklin demonstration outside the Radio Plus building. However, at no point during this morning’s incident did he mention Franklin’s name.

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