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Know How To Use Emojis On Your Phone; WhatsApp Has Animated Orange Heart

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Emojis are a form of pictogram embedded in the text, used to express emotions while messaging. WABetaInfo informs WhatsApp is now putting out a large animated orange heart emoji before some beta users. On September 9, WABetaInfo tweeted, “WhatsApp beta for Android what’s new? WhatsApp is releasing a large animated orange heart emoji!”

Earlier WABetaInfo had notified that the heart emoji will appear the same as the default red heart emoji. It is known that the red heart emoji beats when send to someone, which is not the case with the other colored hearts. But with WhatsApp featured larger animated heart emojis, apart from the orange heart, other hearts had the animated feature. WABetaInfo now provides the animation for the orange heart emoji as an update for Android.

“As you can see in this video capture, the orange heart emoji is now fully compatible with the animation: just send the orange heart emoji to a conversation and you can see it will show up with an animation!”, WABetaInfo shared in a video.

These new animations have been released upon installing the WhatsApp beta for the Android update but it may not be available to everyone. This means that if the heart emoji is not animated then you should wait for it to happen in the future update.

To use emojis on Android smartphones

Step 1: Tap the smiley or the emoji icon to open the emoji selection menu, and then switch back to the keyboard by tapping the keyboard icon.

Step 2: Some emojis are available in different skin tones. To have a different colored emoji, tap and hold the emoji you want colored and choose the color you want. The color selected will now become the default color of that emoji.

To use emojis on iPhone

According to the FAQ page on WhatsApp, since WhatsApp emojis are not built into iPhones, emojis can be used from the emoji keyboard on iPhone. Apple support will iPhone users to learn how to enable the emoji keyboard. You will be able to access the Globe or Emoji icon on the keyboard.

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