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John Wick Actor Lance Reddick Passes Away At 60

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Actor Lance Reddick passed away on Friday at the age of 60, according to his publicist. Reddick was best known for playing a tough-talking police chief on the critically praised television drama “The Wire” and for his supporting roles in the “John Wick” action movie series.

According to a statement made by Reddick’s spokeswoman, Mia Hansen, the actor passed away unexpectedly on Friday morning from natural causes. His death’s circumstances weren’t instantly made public, so no more information was given.

According to law enforcement sources and celebrity news website TMZ.com, the artist was discovered dead at his Studio City, Los Angeles, residence at around 13:30 MUT. 

He passed away just a few days before the anticipated March 24 release of the fourth “John Wick” film, in which Reddick can be seen playing his usual role of Charon, a hotel manager who is a friend to the title character, a retired assassin played by Keanu Reeves.

As police chief Cedric Daniels on the HBO crime drama “The Wire,” which is filmed in Reddick’s native Baltimore, he landed his first significant screen part. The show, which debuted in 2002 and ran for five seasons, was hailed as one of television’s best dramas for its realistic portrayal of urban conflict from the viewpoints of police, drug dealers, and the people caught in the middle.

Other than “John Wick,” he starred in cameos in suspenseful films like “Angel has Fallen,” “Monster Party,” and “Godzilla vs Kong.” He was also well-known among gamers for providing the audio of Commander Zavala in the “Destiny” brand shooter series.

In 2007, he released “Contemplations and Remembrances,” a jazz record.

The day before he passed away, Reddick shared a picture of himself on his Instagram page, showing the actor grinning while lounging on a sofa in his living room with four canine companions.

Reddick has left behind his wife Stephanie, whom he wed in 2011, as well as their children, a son and a daughter.

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