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Joanna Bérenger Expelled And Suspended Again, Patrick Assirvaden And Osman Mahomed Expelled

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Joanna Bérenger has been expelled again and suspended yesterday, the MMM MP was expelled by the Speaker of the National Assembly. She wanted to respond to Subhasnee Luchmun Roy who was speaking on the Budget. Following her expulsion, she refused to leave the Chamber. As a result, Sooroojdev Phokeer named her.  The Deputy Prime Minister, Steven Obeegadoo, subsequently tabled a motion to suspend her for yesterday’s sitting and the next three parliamentary sittings. She has just returned from a three-session suspension following her expulsion on 4 April. Earlier, Labour MPs Patrick Assirvaden and Osman Mahomed had also been expelled.

Patrick Assirvaden and Osman Mahomed expelled…

On Tuesday, Patrick Assirvaden was asked to leave the hemicycle when Shakeel Mohamed took the floor during the budget debates.

This was for challenging a point of law made by the Minister of Finance. The latter disagreed with Shakeel Mohamed’s claim that the word inflation had not been used in the budget speech.

Osman Mahomed, also a Labour Party MP, was also expelled earlier.

He was challenging the Speaker’s decision to allow majority MP Teenah Jutton to speak in praise of the government during the budget debates, when the previous day he was not allowed to speak on social housing.

The Speaker then expelled Osman Mahomed.

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