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Iqbal Moollan Obtains Rs 207 Million In Compensation…

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On Monday 30 January, the Supreme Court has awarded a compensation of more than Rs 207 million to Mr. Iqbal Moollan. The latter, son of Sir Hamid Moollan, had been involved in an accident in Réduit in 2004 when he was 35 years old. To recall, his car had been hit by another vehicle driven by an unlicensed driver who had been under the influence of alcohol.

In its judgment, the Supreme Court has explained that this compensation makes provision for Mr Iqbal Moollan’s current and future loss of earnings. It also covers the lawyer’s medical expenses both in Mauritius and abroad as well as the moral damage caused by the accident.

After his accident, Mr. Iqbal Moollan had been in coma for three days and had to undergo several operations in Mauritius and abroad. He is still not in good health with an impaired vision, difficulties in moving, gets extremely tired and cannot drive. According to his doctors, he is 50% disabled.

This is the first time that a victim of a road accident has received such compensation.

Here is the judgment: MOOLLAN I. v MOSAHEB M. & ORS

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