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Huawei: Ambassador Zhu Liying Says Mauritius Is Wrong To Accuse Huawei

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The Chinese Ambassador to Mauritius, Zhu Liying, gave an exclusive interview to Jean Luc Emile on Radio Plus. The Chinese ambassador to Mauritius Zhu Liying expressed his feelings on the Sniffing controversy where fears were expressed by members of the government and certain remarks made by Minister Bobby Hureeram towards the equipment of the Chinese company, Huawei. He has made it clear that he is speaking out as this is no longer an internal matter!

This sniffing scandal has become an international interest. As the Chinese ambassador to Mauritius explains, “At first it was an internal matter. As an ambassador, I have nothing to say. But people are starting to mention Huawei and even China in this case, as if China is spying on Mauritius through Huawei. So, let me say this. The United States and the Western countries, for political and ideological reasons, they are doing everything to eliminate and crush Huawei because they don’t want to see a number 1 in Chinese high technology. But after long investigations over many years, they have not been able to prove that Huawei is a threat to their national security or that Huawei is corrupting its partners around the world. Demonising the Huawei brand and demonising China is only to be politically correct. When they can’t find solutions to their own problems at home, they look for solutions outside. And China has become the best target for every problem, every problem is China’s fault, it’s too easy isn’t it? He went on to say, “In this Indian Ocean region, everyone is talking about Geo politics, except China, they are not interested. China has no intention of replacing India just as it has no intention of replacing the United States. One should not create an enemy from outside to solve one’s problems from within.

Jean Luc Emile, referring to the exposure of this affair by the Indian press, the sharp criticism and the hurtful remarks made by members of the Mauritian government, asked Ambassador Zhu Liying if these were hurtful for China. The latter answered in the affirmative, recalling that China is a “great friend of Mauritius and vice versa”. He expressed China’s wish to maintain and continue this diplomatic, friendly and developmental relationship for the benefit of both countries. When asked by journalist Jean Luc Emile if after these episodes and remarks, there was a move to ask why such remarks were made by members of the government and to pick up the pieces, Zhu Liying made it clear that there are ongoing “diplomatic discussions and I am sure that there are no problems, and even in the future there will be none. We continue to make this diplomatic relationship and the pragmatic development of trade and economy profitable. The file is then closed. The ambassador made it clear that “it is not for me to close this case but for the Mauritian government. On my side I will do everything to defend the interests of my country. Jean Luc Emile then asked him if Mauritius was wrong to accuse Huawei, to which the ambassador replied “Absolutely! In my opinion, Yes,” concluded Zhu Liying.

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