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Health Minister Said That There Had Been No Complaints About Hygiene And Cleanliness In Hospitals

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In his Private Notice Question on Tuesday, Xavier Duval, the Leader of the Opposition asked whether the Minister for Health had agreed to the setting up of an elite parliamentary committee on hygiene and cleanliness in our hospitals. Kailesh Jagutpal criticised the opposition and defended the hospital.

First of all, the Health Minister said that there had been no complaints about hygiene and cleanliness in hospitals. He devoted a large part of his reply to criticising the two opposition MPs who had broadcast images of a warehouse at Jeetoo Hospital. He dwelt on rusty tin cans. He said that the footage was done in a way to lower the confidence of the public in public hospitals.

Xavier-Luc Duval focuses on an internal audit report that mentions waste and the presence of out-of-date products in the Jeetoo and Bron Sequard hospitals.

On several occasions, the Leader of the Opposition returned to the salient points of the internal report. The Minister for Health replied that the Ministry had responded to the Audit’s criticisms. However, on at least two occasions, Kailesh Jagutpal welcomed the fact that the images broadcast showed the presence of certain tainted foods. He pointed out that in every fridge there are vegetables that start to rot and are thrown away a few days later.

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