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Government Raises Fuel Prices And Then Lowers Them In The Budget, Says Xavier Duval

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The members of the Plateforme de l’Espoir were in Fond-du-Sac on Thursday evening, May 19. For the leader of the opposition, the increase in the price of fuel makes the whole population suffer. Xavier-Luc Duval emphasizes that this increase was created by the authorities to then lower it during the budget.

At the bottom of the bag this Thursday, May 19, Xavier Luc Duval gives the example of fishermen and planters of the district of number 6. He wonders how much a fisherman will sell a fish or a planter for his vegetables, because according to him, a bag of ammonia is sold at Rs 1000 before the price was Rs250.

For his part, Roshi Bhadain also commented on the recent increases in fuel prices. An injustice according to him.

He also commented on the recent visit of the Prime Minister to India. According to him, the project of Metro Express exceeds Rs 40 billion. The leader of the Reform Party who also reminds that the interest on the loans granted for this project will also increase. For him, it is from December 2023 that Mauritius will have to start paying back the loans. He also fired a shot at the government.

Nando Bodha has addressed the aspect of radical changes and calls for a united country to face the challenges and against fraud and corruption. He also called for meritocracy.

For his part, Paul Berenger, the last speaker, stressed that with its way of doing things and debts, the government has mortgaged the country. He also asked to lift the restriction of 50 people for the meetings.

According to him, inflation is extremely high.

Turning to horse racing, he stressed that “what is happening at the Mauritius Turf Club should not be underestimated. The mafia must be stopped, he said.

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