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Google Magic Compose uses AI To Start And Respond To Text Messages

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Google has decided to roll out the beta version of Magic Compose, a new messages feature that takes the help of artificial intelligence for composing text messages. Google Magic Compose is a beta feature built into the Google Messages app which allows us to come up with smart responses based on the overall subject matter of the messages. With Magic Compose, users can learn how to start or respond to a textual conversation appropriately, or to alter any written messages in various ways.

With the help of Google’s generative AI technology, Magic Compose can review the context of the conversation and provide the user with a range of appropriate and engaging replies. If a user is discussing a movie with a friend, for instance, Magic Compose will offer responses containing a reference from the particular film or a link to review the same.

In addition, Magic Compose consists of a variety of styles enabling the user to choose a proper tone for their conversation. For example, a user can use a formal tone for a business talk, while an informal tone when conversing with family and friends.

  • Open the Messages app and start a discussion on any content using Magic Compose. 
  • Then, click on the pencil icon within the text field. 
  • Select any appropriate response from a list of potential responses, in a variety of tones and styles, on display and the selected style will be entered into the text space.

As Magic Compose is still in beta, it is not perfect and sometimes the responses provided may not be pertinent nor written in an appropriate style. However, Magic Compose is an exceptional tool that can be used to save money.

Magic Compose analyzes factors like the last messages, the receiver’s name, and the current time, whenever a new conversation starts or when a user wishes to respond to a message. 

Magic Compose offers an array of engaging responses based on the analysis of the mentioned information in a discussion which is ranked based on their relevance and tone. The responses on the top are displayed in the text box for the user to review the response. Now, the user can either choose any one of the proposed responses or send their answers. This straightforward approach makes it easier to compose and send emails and increases efficiency on the part of the user.

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