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Funeral For 8-Year-Old Girl In Fatal Fall To Be Held Wednesday

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She was playing on the second floor balcony of one of the NHDC apartments in Palma, Four Horns in the early evening of Monday, March 13 when she fell to her death. Marie Ketiana Mirabella Keisler, a grade 3 student at RCA School of Saint Enfant Jesus in Rose-Hill, 8 years old, did not survive her injuries. An autopsy conducted later that evening attributed her death to cranial brain damage.

Funeral services for Ketiana Keisler will be held this Wednesday, March 15 at 10 a.m. She will be laid to rest at Saint John’s Cemetery in Quatre Bornes.

Residents of the Palma NHDC Apartments, Quatre Bornes, especially those in Block G, are in shock. A little girl, who lived in block G 09, had a fatal fall at around 6 pm on Monday, March 13. The child was playing in front of the front door of her house when she fell from the second floor balcony.

Her mother, who was in the living room, quickly ran to the balcony after hearing a noise. It was a scene of horror as she saw her daughter lying on the ground. She quickly went down the stairs and there she saw her daughter, who was bleeding profusely from the nose. She hugged her, but the girl was unconscious. Her husband, who was in the bathroom, ran out. They drove their daughter to Victoria Hospital in Candos. Dr. Digumber, who was on duty in the emergency room, sadly pronounced the little girl dead.

Christiane Keiler, 46, the victim’s mother, who works at a pre-primary school, is a distraught woman. In her statement, she recounted in great detail the circumstances of this tragedy. On the same day, around 2 pm, she picked up her daughter from school before going to an appointment at the municipality of Quatre Bornes. They returned home around 3 pm. After taking her bath at 6 pm, Ketiana was playing on the balcony. It was at this precise moment that the drama occurred.

Two witnesses were questioned by police officers from the police station of Quatre-Bornes about this case. One of them produced images from a surveillance camera, which recorded part of this scene. A reconstruction of the facts was carried out in the evening with these two witnesses and the victim’s mother.

An autopsy was performed around 9pm on Monday evening, March 13, by Dr. Prem Chamane, Principal Police Medical Officer. He attributed the cause of death of this little girl to intracranial brain damage.

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