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Full Disclosure On Torture Warns Joe Lesjongard

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Press conference by MSM President Joe Lesjongard and MPs Sandra Mayotte and Kavi Doolub at Sun Trust HQ in Port Louis on Saturday, June 4, 2022.

“Degrading and denigrating”. This is how the Minister of Energy and President of the MSM, Joe Lesjongard described the torture of detainees by police officers. “The videos of police torture currently circulating on social networks are shocking. Some in the police force give the impression that everything is allowed,” he said.

The Minister of Energy welcomes, however, the immediate action of the Commissioner of Police, Anil Kumar Dip, “who opened an investigation and followed up with arrests.” The MSM President said he expects developments in the coming days.

In the same vein, the President of the MSM maintains that these acts of torture, perpetrated by police officers, have tainted the image of Mauritius internationally. Thus, he wonders about the real intentions of this group of police officers behind these actions. “What was their agenda?

Joe Lesjongard
Joe Lesjongard

“The government guarantees the population that all light will be made on the acts of torture committed by the police on suspects and the culprits will have to answer for their acts,” he continues.

Agreeing in the same sense, the deputy of the government of the constituency Savanne / Black River, Sandra Mayotte condemned these acts of torture. “Li inaceptable ki some police officers tarnished the image nou country. We remain confident that the Prime Minister and the Commissioner of Police, Anil Kumar Dip, will act appropriately,” she said.

The elected representative of Savanne / Black River maintains that the government is aware of the suffering of the people. “At the GM level, we are aware of the suffering of the people. It is a harsh reality. It is our responsibility to take the necessary measures and find solutions to alleviate the suffering of the people,” she said. Sandra Mayotte said that after the 2019 elections, “the country was on the road to development” but the Covid-19 pandemic has upset the government’s plan.

For his part, MP Kavi Doolub dwelt at length on the resumption of the new horse racing season, which starts this Sunday, June 5. In addition, Kavi Doolub informed the public that the government has come forward with amendments to the Gambling Regulatory Authority Act (GRA Act) because the report of Richard Paris, which was tabled in 2015, reveals several flaws in the organization of horse racing in Mauritius.

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