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From 1950 to 2021: Dilip Kumar Charing 1 Lakh Per Film To Shah Rukh Khan Charging 100 Crores

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To star in a single project, many actors are charging filmmakers a lot of money as the years are progressing …There once was a time when an actor charging Rs 1 lakh100,000) for a film was considered high. Seven decades later, Bollywood reports carried out show that superstar Shah Rukh Khan is likely charging Rs 100 crore(10 000 000) for his next film. With that being said, do you know who was among the first Bollywood stars to be paid Rs 1 lakh for a film. Any guess ? Well, it’s the late Dilip Kumar who debuted in Bollywood in the 1940s and who reached the top within a decade. And by the 1950s , he was amongst the first to charge a six-digit figure for a film.

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