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Franklin Case: State Takes Over 350-Acre Leasehold In Grand-Bassin

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The lease of 350 acres of land held by Eco Deer Park Association in Grand-Bassin was terminated on Tuesday, March 7. The park, owned by Jean Hubert Celerine, aka Franklin, is located on state land at Dayot and Mangin in the Grand-Bassin area. Shaan Kumar Choolun, alias Mithun, who was arrested by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (Icac) on a charge of money laundering, is the president of Eco Deer Park Association. The man is suspected of being a front for Franklin. The latter is already in custody for money laundering, after his arrest by the Icac.

On the afternoon of Thursday, March 9, a team of officers from the Ministry of Timber and Forestry arrived at this site in Grand-Bassin. This is for a verification of the site after a notice of cancellation of this lease was served on Tuesday, March 7. The association had been given 48 hours to “Quit and Vacate” this state land.

However, it was found that Eco Deer Park Association did not comply with this order. The main entrance was still padlocked. That the place was still occupied. This raid was done in the presence of police officers of Grand-Bassin. Thus, around 5:30 pm, this team with the assistance of elements of the Special Mobile Force (SMF) broke the padlock of this gate to take possession of this place. This one is from now on managed by the state. A new padlock was placed at this gate.

It is a government surveyor assigned to the service of wood and forest that made a precautionary measure to this effect at the police station of Grand-Bassin.

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