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France : Prisca Thevenot, The 37 Year Old Mauritian Will Be Candidate For The Legislative Elections

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Prisca Thevenot is nominated for the Legislatives2022 in Chaville, Marnes-la-Coquette, Meudon, Sèvres, Vaucresson and Ville-d’Avray. She confirmed the news on her Facebook page.

“Ensemble, let’s give President Emmanuel Macron a strong majority to act for our territories and allow France to move forward,” she said.

Prisca Thevenot, was born of Mauritian parents established in France for nearly 40 years. It was last year that Prisca Thevenot, 32 years old, decided to join the En Marche! movement to support the candidacy of Emmanuel Macron for the presidency of the Republic.

Prisca Thevenot, spokesperson for En Marche: “I live my political commitment in family”

Politics, she fell into it by chance in 2017. Since then, she has become a spokesperson for Emmanuel Macron’s movement and has run for the legislative elections. Prisca Thévenot confides in Gala.fr about her career in politics, her ambitions and her life as a mother.

I manage it in a very fluid and natural way, also because I have a husband who supports me a lot. He also has a busy professional life, he is not in politics, but he gives me the opportunity to do so. I am not thanking him, but I am recognizing that it is also because my husband allows me to do it that I do it. When I started getting involved in politics, my first child was two years old and my second was three months old. They have always known me like this. It’s natural for them. I take them with me when it is possible and when there are other activists who also take their children. But everything is natural, we live this political commitment as a family. I could not have lived differently.

Prisca Thevenot

Spokesperson for Emmanuel Macron’s movement, La République en Marche, she defends her candidate’s program, reminds us of his record, and prepares for the future. However, nothing predestined her to enter politics. Mother before being an activist, activist before being a candidate for the legislative elections of 2017, it is the President of the Republic himself who pushed her to engage in a corridor.

Today, the 37-year-old Mauritian does not regret having joined his “family,” as she calls it. To Gala.fr, she confided on her beginnings in the citizens’ cafes, she came back on her meeting with Emmanuel Macron, but also on her life as a mother and the discriminations she could live.

Before being a spokesperson, I am above all an activist. I think I will always be an activist. I found myself in politics by chance. I had just given birth to my second child who was a few weeks old, the first one already being two years old, I asked myself questions and then the coincidence wanted a certain Emmanuel Macron to run for president in 2017. I am not a “Marcheuse” from the beginning. So I read his book, I went to citizens’ cafés. We were in the early days of the great debates. We exchanged on the program with a certain Stanislas Guerini.

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