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Four-Month-Old Baby Admitted To Burns’ Unit With A Burned Cheek

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A 26-year-old resident of Hollyrood No. 2, Vacoas, has been actively sought by Vacoas police officers since Thursday, March 16. This after his four month old daughter suffered a burn on her left cheek from a cigarette he was holding in his hand. To his mother-in-law who found him, the Hollyrood resident said it was by mistake.

It was at the Vacoas Police Station that a 52-year-old woman from the Henrietta, Vacoas area went to report a case of ‘causing harm to a child. In her statement, she explained that her 27-year-old daughter, who lives in the same house, is a schizophrenic patient.  She has been religiously married to a resident of Hollyrood, Vacoas for one year and from this union was born a four-month-old daughter.

Shortly after her marriage, her daughter moved into her home. Her son-in-law, who is a drug addict, regularly comes to visit his wife and their daughter. The fifty-year-old woman explained that because of her daughter’s mental handicap, she takes care of her little girl on a daily basis. On the evening of Thursday, March 16, around 9 pm, she was taking her bath when she heard her little girl crying.

She said she went out suddenly to inquire about the situation. That’s when she saw her son-in-law holding a lit cigarette in his right hand, and her little girl with a reddish spot on her left cheek. He asked her son-in-law about it and he had to answer that the little girl was burned by this cigarette by mistake.

Immediately, the 50-year-old woman called the police and the child’s father had to run away. Police officers from the Emergency Response Service arrived and took the baby to Victoria Hospital in Candos. She was admitted to the Burns’ Unit.  Her condition is considered stable.

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