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Flyover At Chebel On A1 Road Open To Traffic As From Tuesday

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The flyover at Chebel was opened, Tuesday, by the Minister of National Infrastructure and Community Development, Mr Mahendranuth Sharma Hurreeram.

As from today, traffic will shift to the new flyover. Vehicles on A1 road coming from Beau Bassin or Port Louis will thus be taking the flyover. This will enable the completion of the construction of the Chebel roundabout, situated under the flyover.

Flyover At Chebel

In a statement, Minister Hurreeram commended the proficiency of the engineers and construction workers, together with officers of the Road Development Authority, who were able to complete the flyover despite the ongoing traffic flow.

Flyover At Chebel

He recalled that the flyover at Chebel, over some 500 metres, is part of the A1 – M1 link road project under the Road Decongestion Programme, which aimed at improving the distribution of traffic within the network of A1 Road and M1 Motorway. The cost of the flyover and the roundabout at Chebel amounts to some Rs 480 m.

Flyover At Chebel

The A1 – M1 link road project comprises the flyover and a roundabout at Chebel, an approximately 350 m long bridge spanning over the Grand River North West valley to Motorway M1 linking Port Louis – St Jean Road (A1) at Chebel, and a grade separated interchange at Sorèze.

Flyover At Chebel

According to the Minister, works regarding the 350 m long bridge, which required high precision engineering capabilities, were progressing satisfactorily. “The whole project will be completed by June 2023,” he said.

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