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Financial Services: MIFC Organises Awareness Event On Job Opportunities In The Sector

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An awareness event aimed at shedding light on the Mauritius International Finance Centre (MIFC) and the career paths and job opportunities it offers was held, on Monday at the Caudan Arts Centre in Port Louis, in the presence of the Minister of Financial Services and Good Governance, Mr Mahen Kumar Seeruttun, and the Chief Executive Officer of Mauritius Finance, Mr Samade Jhummun.

Minister Seeruttun highlighted that the MIFC is a growing and dynamic industry, establishing itself as a financial hub for the African region and attracting international businesses and investors. It is today an important contributor to economic development and stood strong in challenging times such as COVID-19 when traditional sectors were down on their knees, he said.

MIFC Organises Awareness Event

He emphasised that the significant growth of the sector is the creation of many job opportunities. According to him, the MIFC offers tremendous opportunities for the youth and it proposes quality jobs with opportunities of decent livelihoods in fields such as international finance, auditing, accounting, and compliance. Emerging areas such as Fintech and Environment, Social and Corporate Governance are also creating attractive opportunities for career growth and advancement, he added.

Speaking about the priority of his Ministry, Minister Seeruttun stated that it aims to improve and facilitate access pathways into the Financial Services industry and facilitate the transition from education to the job market. He pointed out that it involves ensuring that within weeks of leaving formal education, those interested to join the sector can aspire to a good job, an internship or the chance to continue their education.

To that end, he indicated that the Ministry through its various departments and institutions has entered into close partnerships with the private sector to increase the number and improve the quality of job offers and traineeship opportunities, facilitate access to training and employment opportunities, provide career guidance and literacy sessions, and ensure that qualified and competent young people are provided opportunities for further development and growth through specialised trainings such as Financial Crime Compliance and Fund Accounting.

Chief Executive Officer of Mauritius Finance, Mr Samade Jhummun
Chief Executive Officer of Mauritius Finance, Mr Samade Jhummun

The Minister further announced that the Financial Services Fund, operating as part of the Financial Services Commission, in collaboration with the Mauritius Finance and the Insurers Association of Mauritius will also be organising a two-day Career Fair and Recruitment Drive in June. The event, he highlighted, will bring in key representatives on the sector under the same roof and will comprise a Recruitment Drive with possibility of on the spot appointments; a Training Alley; and a Hackathon. He also added that through the Ministry’s training arm, the Financial Services Institute, free Career Employability Programmes will be offered to help facilitate their entry in the world of work.

As Mr Jhummun recalled that the financial services sector comprises more than 155 members/corporates and employs more than 20 000 professionals. This number is on the rise and increases by 5 to 8% per year, he added. He also indicated that they are expecting some 1 500 openings for the next 12 to 18 months. According to him, it is not a prerequisite to study finance to join the sector. The two areas where demand is high, he stated, are fund accounting and administration, and compliance services.

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