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Fifty-Six Prospective Barristers Admitted Today As Members Of The Bar Council

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The swearing-in ceremony of 56 Prospective Barristers was held, this afternoon, at the New Supreme Court Building, in Port Louis, in the presence of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Mauritius, Mrs Rehana Bibi Mungly-Gulbul, and several dignitaries.

In her address, the Chief Justice wished the new Barristers a successful and rewarding career and congratulated them for their well-deserved success and achievement. She said that this day is a memorable one for their parents and their loved ones and underlined that they should always be grateful for their family’s invaluable support since they have always believed in them.

Dignitaries of legal profession

Mrs Mungly-Gulbul further stated that their admission to the Bar marks the beginning of a new chapter in their lives and that they now form part of a highly respected and noble profession. She urged them to fight for the safeguard of the rights of citizens. “You are responsible for the lives of the people who put their trust in you and it is therefore your duty to defend and protect your clients’ best interests”, she added.

Speaking about the Code of Ethics, the Chief Justice highlighted that Barristers should refrain from engaging in any conduct that may diminish public confidence in the legal profession adding that they should be guided by principles such as honesty, integrity and strict compliance with the highest professional norms both in and out of Court. She urged them to conduct themselves in a manner which does not bring the legal profession into disrepute.

Joanna Bérenger
Joanna Bérenger

As regards the practice of law in Mauritius, Mrs Mungly-Gulbul indicated that it has not only become more complex, but also more competitive with a larger number of new Barristers joining the Bar over the recent years. She therefore underlined the need for Barristers to be learned, to display a high standard of skills as well as a sound knowledge of the complexities of the law to be able to practice at the Bar.

She further urged them to work with passion, determination and discipline and conveyed to them her best wishes for a successful career at the Bar.

56 Prospective Barristers

The new members admitted to the Bar are as follows: Adheen Somand Kumar; Adheen Vyas; Ajageer Vedshri Devi; Audit Chetanand; Babajee Balkrishna; Bandhu Singh Yuvir Sharma; Bazerque Marie Emma Laititia; Beedasy Yushina; Bérenger Joanna Marie; Bhoodnah Sunvir; Bhoowabul Jaya Urvi; Bhowon Ankur Gupta; Bhuckory Sanjana; Boodram Jesha; Bucktowar Axel Ritchy; Bundhun-Puddoo Muhammad E’jaaz Shahid; Chaytoo Bhinnam Devi; Chuttoo Janesh Sharma; Coonjan Deshna; Dauharry Syed Usaama Shamraze Arsal; Dindoyal Yeshna; Dookhee Noor Mohammad Sharyade; Fatagar Taariq Husain Kazi; Gopaul Shiksha Devi; Guness Bibi Aaïsha Widad; Hosaneea Bibi Zahra; Joonarain Dharmeshsingh; Koomar Fatimah Zahraa; Kwan Pang Alicia Weng Leen; Mohabeer Drishti; Mohadeo Reshma; Moloye Sanjeev Kumar; Mungur Rubeena Shreya; Nuckcheddy Pravesh; Nunkoo Erwind; Padaruth Shilpa Sharvana; Pfirsch Augustin François Marie; Ramasawmy Baby Anjili Devi; Ramlall Prashant; Ramlugun Sulaksmi; Rampersad Dhrishtee; Ramtohul Meethil Ashved; Rohomutally Bibi Azrah; Rughooputh-Mathoora Deeviya; Saccaram Varoon Rao; Sandookhan Naadjidah; Seegobin Krishna Sham; Sinivasagen Venisha; Sokappadu Swati; Sonah-Ori Anyahitha; Suntoo Myrna; Surfraz Mohammad Azdine; Thosadu Ramdu Rakshita; Veerapen Lovania; Veerapen Marie Anoushka Christelle; and Veerappa Pillay Vishayen Poubarlen.

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