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Fête De La Musique : Artists Talk About It

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Fête de la musique is celebrated today around the world. Four artists talk about the importance of music in their lives.

Blakkayo: “Music helps people ease their pain.”

“For me music is a weapon against negativity. In addition, it is the vehicle for my messages. Without music, life would be nothing but misery. Music helps people ease their pain.”

Cindia Amerally: “A passion that I turned into a profession.”

“First of all music is a passion that I turned into a profession. The importance of music is, that I do not you it other profession I could have embraced if it was not to make music.”

Alain Ramanisum: “Unimaginable to live in absence the music”

“With Laura we form a musical couple. Music allows us to support our family. It is unimaginable for me to live in the absence of music at my side.”

Vanida Thoplan: “Music saved me”

“If I am still in this world, it is because of music. It has taken me out of many problems in my life. Music saved me.  Today, if I continue to sing, it is like thanking it. I invite people to listen to music to feel good in their head and body.”

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