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Enters A Real ‘Mouse’ To ‘Balance’ Work-Life, Samsung’s Product A Reliever For Professionals

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Our work life is surrounded by computer screens or laptops which mostly use mouse for smooth working. Here, mouse comes as a great help but they are still not made to relieve us from working long hours. Work balance is what is needed to make work life easier and more efficient. Samsung has built this idea in its concept-stage product, a mouse, with the same name, Balance.

How does the mouse actually ‘Balance’ work?

The firm, posted in a promo film, a man putting in long hours of work. In the video, the individual works extra hours, which seems aggravating to the Balance mouse.

The Balance mouse, being developed at the Samsung Balance Lab, is characterized to have a mouse–like shape with white ears along with a dual-tone finish. And just like a real mouse would, the device actually runs away from its user.

The man in the video fails in his attempts to grab the mouse because it breaks itself into several pieces, making the individual’s efforts worthless. The premise of the promo film focuses on the South Korean market where employees put in extra hours of work, which does not promote a healthy work-life.

Samsung, with the Balance mouse, is trying for individuals not to miss the outside world on account of their commitments made to work. The Balance mouse manufacturer is attempting to address the problems related to overworking. It has been observed that this is a widespread complication and not just limited to South Korea. So, the film’s subject seems to be appealing.

Samsung has not yet revealed or even discussed the product in detail and has not disclosed whether the mouse would be sold in other nations or what will be its cost. The prime interest is how many would be willing to purchase this mouse, that looks and behave like a real one. We’re all eager to find out.

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