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Emmanuel Macron Speaks Out After The Legislatives: France Must “Learn To Govern Differently”

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Emmanuel Macron has come out of silence. The French head of state spoke for the first time since the second round of legislative elections, which deprived his camp of an absolute majority and led to a political crisis.

He did so at the end of a day in which he completed his round table of political forces to try to find a way out.

Emmanuel Macron acknowledged the “fractures” in France shown by the legislative elections, after which “we must learn to govern and legislate differently”, in a short televised address on Wednesday. He also argued that a “national unity” government is not “justified at this time”.

He also confirmed that there would be measures on purchasing power, climate and full employment this summer.

Reactions are multiplying after Emmanuel Macron’s speech on Wednesday. The president of the Socialist Party reacted on Twitter to the speech of the head of state. “No, the president of the Republic has not understood the French,” he said. “No, he was not elected on a “clear project” but to block the RN. No, the political formations do not have to answer to him how far they are ready to go to give him a blank cheque”, added Olivier Faure.

“We look forward to Ms Borne appearing before us to ask for the confidence of Parliament,” said the Nupes deputy of Val-de-Marne, Clémence Guetté on Twitter after the speech of Emmanuel Macron. She assures that in the Assembly it will be “project against project”

In the wake of Emmanuel Macron’s speech, Jean-Luc Mélenchon also took the floor in an address, just as short as that of the head of state. The rebel spoke about the future of Elisabeth Borne at Matignon, a subject evaded by Emmanuel Macron. “The Prime Minister must appear before the National Assembly and obtain a vote of confidence. If she doesn’t have it, she will have to resign,” the LFI leader said.

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