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Eid Al Adha 2021: Characterized By Sacrifice And Sharing

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On 10 Zil Hajj of the Islamic calendar, the day of commemoration of the Sacrifice of Abraham in the name of Allah. This year in Mauritius, the Muslim community will celebrate this Wednesday, July 21, but reduced in people and pageantry due to the pandemic. This festival symbolic of Devotion and Love, here is a ride in its history and symbolism.

It commemorates the greatest festival for the muslim community, the Sacrifice of the Prophet Abraham but also his obedience and devotion to the divine order. A test that the Lord made him by ordering him to sacrifice in his name, his first born, long awaited, his son Ismael that he had to conceive with his slave, Agar, at the request of his wife then called Sarai, because of his infertility.

Torn between sorrow, stupefaction but devotion, a sharp knife in his right hand, Abraham was going to proceed with the slaughter of his son, equally in allegiance, who had offered his throat, without any hesitation, in the name of Allah, seeing the courage of Abraham, Allah sent the angel Gabriel to replace Ismael by a sheep to put an end to this ordeal. He, thus, respectfully slaughtered the sheep, which implies the respectful slaughter of the chosen animal, which is not without strict conditions for any believer.

Strict conditions

No animal must be expecting! The sheep must be at least six months old, the goat two years old and as well as for any other cattle. No animal must be beaten or mistreated during its lying on the ground or during slaughter and the blade must be duly sharpened so that it can sacrifice the animal in just three cuts. This procession is usually done by an Imam or otherwise a professional hand.

An animal must be destined to make 7 equal shares. And each share must be divided equally into three distinct categories or beneficiary, sharing with the poor, sharing with neighbours and loved ones regardless of one’s religious beliefs, and sharing with close family members.

This festival begins in early morning with an ablution or purification of the body by a bath with an intention for this day, a special prayer at the mosque, commonly referred to in Mauritius as ‘Namaz Eid’, this year marked by the grouping reduced to 50 people. Followers and those wishing to attend the practice of this Namaz of Aid Ul Adha will have to register on the application www.prayers.mu advanced by the Jummah Mosque or otherwise traditionally with the officers of the mosque of their localities.

Government Regulations

Gatherings at the place of slaughter in the courtyard must consist of only 15 people, including members of the family of the court in question, the Imam and the butcher. Rallies will be strictly prohibited in the streets. Police units would be deployed for surveillance and control patrols in known locations and private courts. The Muslim community is called upon by the government and the police force to proceed in compliance with strict health rules. Notice to refractors, the penalty is a fine of Rs 500, 000 and a prison sentence of 5 years is not to be ruled out.

Le Matinal wishes an Eid Ul Adha Mubaarak to the whole Muslim Community with a Video of this occasion

Ode to the Sacrifice of Abraham

A sacrifice in the name of the creator that opens to a sharing,

An inspiration of good faith where all ages are called to a gathering

Render to past all hatred and pain,

And let love and affection emerge their purposes in this gain

By his deference to his creator and his love to his Ishmael, Abraham made it clear

Eid El Kabîr calls to honor the Supreme and the ones dear

Javed Sobah

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