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Duval: The Efforts Of The Descendants Of Slaves Are Not Being Paid

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Yesterday, at Pointe Canon, the opposition party(Labour, PMSD and MMM))  were commemorating the 188th anniversary of the abolition of slavery. The Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the PMSD participated in the wreath-laying ceremony alongside Navin Ramgoolam and Paul Bérenger. In a short statement afterwards, he said that the descendants of slaves are making much effort in this country. But according to him, “despite their efforts, they have not seen the necessary developments”. He added that we have to have a special thought for the slaves and their descendants to honor their memory.

Wreath-laying ceremony at Pointe Canon by opposition

“GM is taking out freedom of the people”, says Ramgoolam

The Leader of the Labour Party was alongside Paul Bérenger and Xavier-Luc Duval. This is the first joint event organised by the PTr, the MMM and the PMSD. Dr. Ramgoolam recalled that the slaves had cherished their freedom like any other being. But for him, the people are no longer free to express themselves today. “The slaves had preferred their freedom… at all costs. Sometimes, at the cost of their lives,” he said. Dr. Ramgoolam added that there is much more to do, but that, according to him, he has to get our freedom back. He deplored the fact that people can be arrested after expressing themselves, and said that people have to reclaim their freedom.

Wreath-laying ceremony at Pointe Canon by opposition

For his part, Paul Bérenger said that “we have a duty to repair the wrongs caused during slavery and indentured servitude.” He added that slaves and indentured labourers have greatly contributed to the development of the country.

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