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DPP Opposes Police Commissioner’s Motions

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This morning, before Chief Magistrate Rehana Mungly-Gulbul, the case concerning the challenge to the release on bail of Bruneau Laurette was called. The police commissioner wants to challenge the decision of the Moka court to release Bruneau Laurette on bail despite the decision of the Director of Public Prosecutions not to appeal. He has filed two motions. This morning, the DPP, one of the respondents, resisted the motion through its representative, Meenakshi Gayan-Jaulimsing. Bruneau Laurette, represented by Me Shakeel Mohamed, also opposed the two motions. It should be recalled that in his first motion, the police commissioner asked for an extension of the legal time limit of seven days to contest the conditional release granted to Bruneau Laurette. It expired on Monday 6 March 2023. In its second motion, the CP challenges Bruneau Laurette’s bail. The case was adjourned to 27 March 2023.

“The Chief Justice only took into consideration the first motion of the CP which asked for an extension of time to accommodate the second motion,” said Shakeel Mohamed in front of the press.

Shakeel Mohamed and Rouben Mooroongapillay will defend Ryan Laurette

Sanjeev Teeluckdharry and Akil Bissessur are no longer on Ryan Laurette’s legal team in the drug trafficking case. They made the decision to distance themselves from this situation, according to José Moirt, who continues to serve as Bruneau Laurette’s son. José Moirt explains that their colleagues have been replaced by Shakeel Mohamed and Rouben Mooroongapillay. Remember that they are the main legal representatives for Bruneau Laurette. José Moirt explains that a work meeting will be held this week to determine the appropriate course of action.

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