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Dive Club: Fighting To Get First Place On Kids Netflix

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Dive Club is an Australian teen drama television program. This teen mystery series filmed in Australia features Miah Madden and Georgia-may Davis. Dive club is a story that shows an amazing friendship. The four friends Maddie, Anna, Stevie, Lauren dive for pleasure. Sometimes they dive to explore what happened during the past and search for treasures. One day after going for a dive, they wanted to go exploring Anastasia’s ship. While going they noticed a storm is coming. They returned home. The girls had to put the boat somewhere where the cyclone wind won’t push it away. Suddenly Lauren accidently forgot her phone in the boat when she went to get it, the cyclone had arrived. The next day when the girls went back to cape mercy they found Lauren missing. As the cyclone made a huge mess, they got someone to come to help them clean up the mess. The man’s daughter Izzy made friends with the girls. Together they find out what happened to Lauren and where is she. This says that dive club follows the story of a feisty group of teen divers to search for their friend when she disappears when a cyclone hits Cape Mercy, their small coastal town.  At the end of season 1, the girls get stuck on a boat that is going towards a storm. The series may end somewhere very interesting but don’t worry season 2 will probably come out soon.

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