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Did you know SRK’s Mannat was first offered to Salman Khan!

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Bollywood actors are not only fancied for their lifestyle but are also known for their luxurious homes. One of the most attractive homes for Bollywood actors is Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat. King Khan’s accommodation captivates tourists visiting the glamourous city of Bollywood. Interestingly, even Salman Khan idealizes King Khan’s humble abode. Curiously, Salman Khan intends to have a home similar to his fellow actor. But more shockingly, Mannat was initially proposed to Bollywood’s Bhaijaan!

Salman Khan, in an interview with Bollywood Hungama, was asked about the ‘one thing he wished he had that Shah Rukh Khan has’ and the actor revealed his aspiration of Mannat. He further revealed that the magnificent home was first offered to him before it was proposed to Shah Rukh. Additionally, Salman also informed that his father, Salim Khan, stopped him from purchasing Mannat.

The interviewer asked, “one thing that Shah Rukh Khan has, you wished that you had?” Salman answered, “that bungalow of his.” The host clarified, “Mannat?” The actor asserted, “Yes.” He continued to add, “but that had come to me when I was just starting. My dad said itne bade ghar mein karoge kya? (What you will do in such a big house?)

Currently, SRK’s Mannat is worth Rs. 200 crores according to a recent report published by Housing.com. Even King Khan himself claims that purchasing Mannat is the most expensive property he owns yet.

Salman concludes his answer by saying, “and now I want to ask Shah Rukh what he does in such a big house?”

SRK’s royal abode stands in Bandra and his wife, Gauri Khan, was its interior designer. As reported, the mansion has a new diamond studded nameplate worth Rs. 25 lakhs.

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