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Dance With Nora Winners Have Been Selected

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The Dance with Nora challenge went very well last weekend at Celebs Restaurant in Bagatelle. Some 200 participants came to perform during the past two days of the competition.

Here are the winners who will have the chance to dance with Nora on the mentioned songs on the 15th of October:

  1. Minsa Houssen Mohamed – Saki saki
  2. Shreya Gohin – Dirty Little Secret
  3. Ourvasi Rugbur – Dance Meri Rani
  4. Ravi Boodoo – Manike
  5. Reshan Sookun – Dance Meri Rani
  6. Gunputh Krishna Kumar – Dirty Little Secret
  7. Anastasia Hannah Tirant – Dance Meri Rani

Winners who have the chance to dance with the Krumania Dance Group on the day of the concert are:

  1. Poncelin De Raucourt
  2. Medeesha Choonucksing
  3. Benjamin Munbodh
  4. Vanessa Russeeawon
Shreya Gohin
Shreya Gohin

Here are some statements from members of the jury panel:

Manav Heerooa (Jury Member): ” It was a unique experience to see professional Dancers and Novice doing the Hook Steps on the 3 Songs of Nora Fatehi Namely Saki Saki, Dance Meri Rani and Dirty Little. They were all trying their Luck and doing the Best to have the opportunity to be on stage with Nora Fatehi. Unlike Dance Competitions where contestants are being judged on Creativity and Personal style for the ‘Nora Dance Challenge’, the Winners were elected on the Stage Presence and most importantly on the perfect replica of the Hook Steps. Honestly, before concluding, it was one of the toughest tasks ever since all the Dancers were outstanding. I think it is the 1st time in Mauritius that Dancers have been given this kind of opportunity to perform with their Idol during her concert. “

Jerry Nayna (Jury Member): “A Successful amazing weekend for the Nora Fatehi Dance Challenge. Dances professionals, amateur, kids from all over Mauritius came to have the chance to be selected to dance on Stage with Nora Fatehi on the 15th of Oct Long Beach. I was overwhelmed by the number of dancers that responded for the challenge. All the Dancers were supporting each other, which was nice to see. It was a very hard decision for the Judges and me.”

Amina Ghivalla (Organiser & Jury Member): ” The choice was very complicated during these two days of competitions because all the participants were talented. With the members of the jury, we were able to deliberate the names of the winners who will have the opportunity to dance with the artist Nora Fatehi.  We thank the participants as well as the parents etc. Maurice got talent.”

Jury Members
Jury Members

Jason Kistnen: “Again like all the judges has said we had had an amazing time thru this challenge. Tons of talented one……. Indeed, that challenge has brought out lots of hidden talent. We have mainly taken into consideration the hook step/stage presence and have sent our recommendations to Nora who had the last voting point. For us judges we have done our level best to play fair in our decisions. Like I said, in all competitions we need to have a winner and a loser…… The loser doesn’t lose but gains experience. We need to live fully that beautiful experience. “

Nirousha Routho: “It was a great opportunity for dancers and organisers. It was a massive event. We have discovered a lot of amazing talents from young to adults. They came with such a positive attitude and made the event a success. The final decision was hard to make. But finally, we have been able to come up with special compensation prices to runner ups.”

Roomesh Sookun, krishna Gunpath with host Jerry Nayna
Roomesh Sookun, krishna Gunpath with host Jerry Nayna

Some reactions of the selected dancers:

Ravi Boodoo (Winner): “I Still cannot believe it, but I am honoured, excited, super thrilled, a little bit stressed but keen to meet up to her and the public’s expectations. I am grateful and still overwhelmed that I have been chosen to perform with Nora. I am just thankful for the opportunity.”

Benjamin Munbodh (Winner): “It was unbelievably awesome. It’s wonderful to receive this kind of opportunities. There were many great dancers on the stage for the auditions. Mauritius got the chance to see amazing talents.

I have been performing since I was a little kid for events etc. I opened my dance studio, Hashtag dance & fitness studio few years ago. It will be fun to perform with another dance team on that day. We don’t always need to be in competition in life, It will be a good opportunity to dance on stage with Krumania. I was able to make my passion as my business and Krumania is another perfect example of it as well.

I am an entrepreneur. I always wanted to open my own studio. My goal is to make my studio known as the premiere studio of the commercial dance world and is referred to as ‘the place where it all happens. I did it many years ago and I opened my second studio last year.. I just want to keep making it grow around the island in parallel with the other business that I am doing.”

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