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Covid In Reunion Island: The Circulation Of The Delta Variant Is Worrying

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The circulation of the Delta variant continues to grow in Reunion Island since its appearance. The increase is particularly strong over the last week.

All day long on Monday, Prefect Jacques Billant met with elected officials, but also with the medical community and economic and social actors of the island in order to consult on new measures to be taken to curb the spread of Covid-19 and especially its variants on the island. A busy day that should have led to a press conference late Tuesday. But it seems that new exchanges are still necessary before the prefect decides

Jacques Billant met with the mayors of Reunion Island this Monday morning during a crisis meeting. He gave an update on the health situation and mentioned the forthcoming implementation of new health restrictions. But no decision has been taken yet. Some mayors have spoken out in favor of confinement.

The prefect and the ARS have first made an update of the situation to the mayors. The incidence rate in Reunion Island is 325 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The positivity rate is 7.7% on the island. The circulation of the coronavirus is strongly accelerating, it was explained to the elected officials.

Possible EVASAN to Mayotte

The situation is deteriorating in Reunion Island and hospitals will soon be unable to cope with the crisis. The authorities are already working on contingency plans and are talking about the possibility of setting up medical evacuations from Reunion to Mayotte or to mainland France, or even the setting up of a military hospital if the epidemic continues to progress.

Mayors in favor of containment

Several mayors, including the mayor of La Possession, have alerted the health authorities to the situation and are requesting reconfinement in order to limit contamination before the start of the school year.

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