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Cook Arrested For Drug Trafficking

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Methamphetamine and heroin were found in the possession of a cook of Coteau Raffin, La Gaulette in the early hours of Wednesday morning, February 01. Arjorro Baboo, 27, was arrested at his home during a raid by men of the Anti-Drug and Smuggling Unit (ADSU) of the Western Division. A sum of Rs 12,950, suspected to be from the sale of the drug, was also seized.

It was on the basis of certain information and after hours of surveillance that Inspector Balambha’s men arrived at the home of Arjorro Baboo at around 00:10 on Wednesday 01 February. With a search warrant, the ADSU officers began searching the house of this young man, who is suspected of selling drugs.

The team’s suspicions proved to be correct. They found five transparent plastics each containing a quantity of methamphetamine, amounting to 6.72 grams, and another transparent plastic with heroin weighing 0.63 grams. A sum of Rs 12,950, which the ADSU suspects to be from the sale of the drug, was also found. He was placed in a cell at the Vacoas detention centre on the orders of Assistant Superintendent of Police Ramburuth.

Arjorro Baboo
Arjorro Baboo

Arjorro Baboo is provisionally accused of trafficking methamphetamine and heroin for sale. The suspect was arraigned before the Bail and Remand Court (BRC) in Port Louis on Wednesday morning, February 1.

Moheet Donald, a 41 year old welder, was arrested at his home at around 8:30am on February 1st. This after Inspector Fowdar’s men of the ADSU of the Western Division found a plastic container in which there were forty doses of synthetic drugs. The police also seized Rs 700, which they suspect was from the sale of the drug.

Marie Samanta Jeanneton, 30, a resident of Bethlehem Residence, Rose-Belle and Joel Giovanny Babin, alias Café, a resident of Baie du Tombeau, were apprehended during the day on Tuesday 31 January on a charge of drug trafficking.

Samanta Jeanneton was arrested after being found in possession of one hundred and thirty doses of synthetic drugs, weighing 8.5 grams. The police officers of the South Division ADSU, led by Sergeant Sauteur, also seized a sum of Rs 700 from the Rose-Belle resident.

Joel Babin
Joel Babin

Pills seized from Joel Babin

Joel Babin was apprehended by Sergeant Yu Sui Leung of the Abercrombie ADSU, St. Croix. He was walking on Baxipia Street, Batterie-Cassée, Roche-Bois when he was spotted by ADSU officers. The suspect was subjected to a body search, which found sixty-six 150mg Seranalen Pregabalin tablets in his pocket. Shortly afterwards, a search was conducted at his home in Baie du Tombeau, but no drugs were found.

These three suspects were also presented before the BRC on 1 February.

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