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Congress No. 8: Pravind Jugnauth Talks of a Collusion of Opposition and Journalists

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This congress preceded the Prime Minister’s message to the Nation at 8.15pm. The regional committee of the Socialist Movement Militant (MSM) at number 8, Moka/ Quartier-Militaire at the beginning of the evening was used by Pravind Jugnauth to make, his claims, against his detractors in the opposition, against Sherry Singh, against the media and against certain journalists who are plotting against him. He made a series of warnings against those who want to destabilise the National Security, the protection of the people and hurt the peace in the country.

Pravind Jugnauth at Congress No. 8

The Survey from A to Z

In his political speech at the Military Quarters during his congress at No 8, the PM once again brought the controversy to the table “there were concerns about our Telecommunication system. Since October 21, 2021, the Security Division of my Office has written to the former CEO to request certain information. Moreover, we could not call on technicians from Mauritius Telecom to do a Survey on the Telecom system! And there are no such qualified technicians. That’s why, with our good relations with India, moreover, and given that we have a National Security Adviser’, we thus requested for this helping hand for these technicians for this Survey”. He spoke sarcastically to Sherry Singh who said that as of October 21, he had no knowledge of the survey. “Why did my office send him this correspondence? I would like him to come and say why then he provided this information when he says he did not know it was for a Survey. So, he gives information without knowing the purpose? I too am starting to ask questions. From this part, the congress became more animated, supported, and cheered by a crowd of people excited by the Prime Minister’s words.

Pravind Jugnauth at Congress No. 8

Pravind Jugnauth mocks Sherry Singh and his strategies

Pravind Jugnauth stressed that he is not called upon to give information on matters of National Security “if I go by his timeline, by 21 October he had no idea, by 22 December he had no idea, and the letter in April sent from the security division of my office where it says Survey, he comes to say that he has no knowledge of this letter and that this letter has been fabricated. Why am I, Pravind Jugnauth, going to fabricate letters? He claims to have known me for a long time, he has not known me well enough”. In his statement Sherry Singh said that he only became aware of the Survey on 15 April.  “He said he disagreed, accusing me of doing something illegal. So why did he remain silent for two and a half months? What was he doing in that position?

The PM also questioned those values and principles on which Sherry Singh relied to justify his resignation and decision to denounce. “You will know later what Sherry Singh’s real values are. When he talked about reporting, I expected him to go to the authorities and report me. He had already submitted his resignation and had nothing more to fear. I was waiting for him thinking that he was preparing for this Tsunami he had announced or thinking that he was putting on a layer of make-up, but during this wait, members of the opposition including Eshan Juman and Patrick Assirvaden took the liberty of questioning me in the middle of the meeting on why I was not the one to go and denounce the former CEO to the police and initiate an investigation. So I saw that they were right and I took the initiative. But since he was called, his lawyer has invoked his right to silence. But he is going to give evidence to a Colombo-like journalist who claims to be in possession of great evidence…”

Pravind Jugnauth at Congress No. 8

PM denounces conspiratorial Media

Pravind Jugnauth showed his desolation towards the whole situation by delivering “this Cinema would last on for a while, but when this movie is over, I will show myself ready and start diffusing my movie!” announced Pravind Jugnauth.

He also expressed his regret that the opposition is conducting a smear campaign against the government, “attacking and humiliating the electoral commission, the judiciary and democracy”. The PTr, MMM and PMSD are allying themselves with this former CEO of MT. And it is even more serious that there are journalists and media people who are part of this to create a plot against me. I, as Prime Minister, am fighting against drugs, money laundering, corruption and against these people who pretend to be clean but who work against the interest of the country, I am doing it for the good and protection of our people and our children. I am making an appeal to sensitise the population against allegations, falsehoods, demagogy, and demonstrations. I have a balance sheet to give the people so that you can choose who is best. They are plotting against me so that they can continue their illegal trade. I count on the support of the enthusiastic population. Pravind Jugnauth ended by shouting questions “Can I count on you? Don’t we need to put this country in order? Don’t we need to clean up this country?” the crowd responded with drumbeats and cheers…

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