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Congo: Jessica Mascareign Was Killed And Pushed From The 5th Floor By Her Companion

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A Mauritian woman in her thirties was killed during the night of Saturday 18th September in the capital of the Republic of Congo, Kinshasa. According to our sources, it was his companion, Jean Wesley Handee Coosnapa who has committed this criminal act. The culprit allegedly spent the evening in a café before returning drunk late during the night. Following his return, the couple got in a violent argument even though they had separated since 6 days.

According to the same sources, things got worse and Jean Wesley Handee Coosnapa took a knife and violently hit the face and neck of the victim several times. Panic-stricken, the man in his forties then pushed the young woman from their apartment on the 5th floor of the Empire building in the commune of Gombe before trying to erase the traces of blood in the apartment.

He then fled the crime scene before contacting a friend to explain what he had just done.  The suspect wanted to conceal the evidence but blood was found in his apartment. The presumed murderer was then arrested on Thursday by the police and referred to the Public Prosecutor’s Office and it has been reported that he has confessed to having committed the crime. The Congolese National Police’s investigation is following his court.

Jessica Mascareign
Jessica Mascareign

Still under the shock, the relatives of the victim are holding on to the memory of Jessica Mascareign as being a woman “always smiling and full of life“. Her relatives do not what happen. However, they are in the dark about this case and are awaiting more information from the Congolese authorities.

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