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CJSOI 2022: Athletics (Day 2): Julien Ovide Wins Second Gold Medal

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After winning the final of the 100m para-sport category on the opening day in athletics, Julien Ovide won the long jump title with a leap of 5m92. Mauritius and Reunion won three gold medals during this second day at the Côte d’Or stadium while Djibouti, Seychelles and Comoros opened their gold medal counter.

Julien Ovide held his position as a favorite. Confident of victory, he remained focused to achieve the perfect jump to land at 5m91. “I was confident. I prepared myself to win both events. I am very happy to have reached my goal”, he said. Other gold medalists of the day for Mauritius were Melissa Prudence in the girls 100m T20 and Huctor Polimont in the triple jump.

The Comorian Ali Moumbaazi and the Seychellois Dinara Bonne won the 100 m T37 men and women respectively while the Djiboutian Soubaneh Fatouma (3000m) allowed their respective countries to open their gold medal counter.

The third day takes place this Wednesday at the National Sports Complex of Cote d’Or from 14:30 where seven finals are scheduled.



100m T37 Physical (wind +0.1m/s)

  1. Ali Moumbaazi (COM) 13.53
  2. Joris Samara (REU) 14.09
  3. Dylan Faron (MRI) 15.37

Length T20 Mental

  1. Julien Ovide (MRI) 5m91
  2. Livio Lozaique (SEY) 5m24
  3. Jeremy Maillot (REU) 4m74

Triple Jump

  1. Huctor Polimont (MRI) 13m75
  2. Steeven Perrine (MRI) 13m52
  3. Lino Hanniet (REU) 12m71


  1. Lino Hanniet (REU) 5776 pts
  2. Warren Danae (REU) 5720 pts
  3. Cedric Issarambe (REU) 5566pts
Melissa Prudence
Melissa Prudence winner of the 100m T20


100 m T37 Physical (wind +3.6 m/s)

  1. Dinara Bonne (SEY) 17.86
  2. Shona Robic (REU) 18.31
  3. Joëlle Ravina (MRI) 20.71

100 m T20 Mental (wind 0.0 m/s)

  1. Melissa Prudence (MRI) 13.7
  2. Audrey Armanthe (REU) 15.7

3000 m

  1. Soubaneh Fatouma (DJI) 10.35.70
  2. Sough Kafia (DJI) 10.44.46
  3. Théophanie Minne Faron (REU) 11.06.85


  1. Gabrielle Bassin (REU) 14m57
  2. Elodie Longin (REU) 11m16
  3. Mathilde Labonte (MRI) 11m16


  1. Mathilde Mounier (REU) 1m50
  2. Moanard Peyrard (REU) 1m50
  3. Emisha Victorin (SEY) 1m45

The program

  • 14h30 : Height (L)
  • 14h40 : Long distance (F)
  • 14h55 : 400 m (L) 1st round
  • 15h15 : Shot put (L)
  • 3:20 p.m.: Long distance T37 (F)
  • 15h20 : Long distance T37 (L)
  • 15h40: 100m hurdles (W)
  • 16h25 : 110 m hurdles (L)
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