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Chinese Horoscope: What Does The Year Of The Rabbit Hold For You?

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The Chinese New Year is under the sign of the water rabbit which is both sensitive and empathetic.  Here are the signs of the water rabbit:

  • RAT

This year you will have to balance everything in your life. However, love and patience will be your most precious allies. So no worries on the horizon.

  • OX

The year will be relatively slow for you. Your ardor and vitality will be awakened only in 2023.


You will be altruistic. This is a good thing, as it will bring you luck and positive vibes.


This year, you will want to take responsibility for yourself.  Your sensitivity will be your strength in 2023.


Challenges await you, but don’t worry, you’ll be up to the task.


Nothing and no one will be able to resist your magnetism and sensuality. Enjoy it!


You’ll have some trouble staying focused this year. But, everything will eventually come back in order little by little.

  • GOAT

Your benevolence will be rewarded.  It will bring you much more than it cost you.


This is a time for introspection.  It’s also the perfect time to get to know yourself better.

  • COQ

You will feel the need to challenge yourself more and more, to go further and achieve perfection.

  • DOG

2023 will be a quiet year for you.  Take the time to observe your life path carefully.

  • PIG

Your work should once again be at the center of your life this year. Luck and success will be on your side.

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