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Chagos: Mauritius Can Always Count On China

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On Friday morning, at the Chinese Embassy, the media was invited to a press briefing by the Ambassador to discuss the relations between our two countries, the Chinese National Day on October 1st and the geopolitical situation. During a free exchange session. His Excellency Zhu Liying was asked about the corruption allegations against Huawei. He categorically refuted them and said that he had been assured by the highest authority of the government that the page had been turned.

Afterwards, Zhu Liying spoke about the tensions China is facing right now, in relation to: Huawei, Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet and others. He also gave an update on the poverty that China used to face. But today, he said, China is the second largest economy in the world. In the case of Taiwan, according to the Chinese ambassador, it is a territorial sovereignty. Zhu Liying added that the Americans are provocateurs

The China-Mauritius relationship has existed for a long time and is no secret. With several facilities for health, education, export… the traditional friendship between these two peoples dates back two and a half centuries. According to the press conference held on Friday, September 23, 2022, at the Chinese Embassy, Ambassador Zhu Liying elaborated on the natural beauty of our country and the cultures present. As well as the Chinese culture that plays a great role in the Mauritian multiculturalism. It has been more than a year that the Chinese ambassador, Zhu Liying marks his presence in Mauritius.

During the press conference, Zhu Liying took the opportunity to talk about the security, stability and tranquility that Mauritius brings thanks to the developments in the country. According to him, China and Mauritius work in close cooperation, which brings us major international issues to defend the UN Charter, international rights and common interests of developing countries. Moreover, the Chinese ambassador brought his additional friendship towards Mauritius by saying that Mauritius can always count on China in the international forum when it comes to the Chagos issue.

Zhu Liying

According to Ambassador Zhu Liying, the Russo-Ukrainian war is of concern to everyone, especially in Mauritius where the consequences of the war are severely felt by the population. He maintained that the increase of gasoline prices and the difficulty of supply bring a lot of suffering among Mauritians. His Excellency said that China’s main motive is to restore peace globally. The country is in favor of ceasefire and settlement of the conflict through negotiations.

The Chinese ambassador gave more details about the problems associated with Huawei internationally. He said that for years some countries have claimed that Huawei could be a threat to national security. He added that even with the allegations that other states have made, there is no counter evidence and that it could be political and ideological reasons. And in the case of the RMB bank, based on the 2022-2023 budget, the government announced the establishment of a clearing house in Renminbi (RMB, Chinese currency), which will be designated by the Bank of China in Mauritius. Ambassador Zhu Liying also spoke about the situation of covid-19 in China. He said that the main motive of China is to ensure the safety and good health of its citizens.

Moreover, Ambassador Zhu Liying reminded that the whole world is suffering from an extremely difficult period at the moment with the covid-19 and the Russo-Ukrainian war. Thus, it is important to restore peace globally and also to maintain peaceful coexistence.

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