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Case-Noyale Residents Are Blocking The Road Because Of The Water Shortage

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Residents of Case-Noyale and the surrounding areas have gathered in the street yesterday evening, temporarily supporting this scenario. They blocked the main road with concrete blocks.

The residents of Case noyale is upset due to the fact no water is available to them. As a result, they blocked the road that passed through their community. These families demand to be supplied with drinkable water.

If nothing is done, things run the risk of becoming out of hand. A La-Gaulette resident speaks to us about his distress, and the sadness and anguish in his voice are obvious.

It’s been three days since I called the CWA, yet someone is still waiting. There is not even a drop of water in my reservoir. Evidently, there was a large pipe that was damaged.

The residents’ daily routine these days has resumed with them walking to the watercollection trucks. “I had to buy some water at the supermarket, and a cousin gave me a little of it,” she continues.

The police was ordered to the scene.

Credits: Channelnews.mu

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